Selected exhibitions


Paper Cuts (pop-up show), Tripp Gallery, London

Bio Mass (solo show) at Studio One Gallery, London

Take Me 2 Ur Dealer, Jacob Kerray + Rosie Roberts Open House, Glasgow

Painting [Now], Studio One Gallery, London


Christmas Paper Cuts (pop-up show), Unit 1 Gallery, London

Paper Cuts (pop-up show), Transition Gallery, London

Focus Groop, Newington Library, Edinburgh

The Names, Transition Gallery, London


Departure, Interview Room 11, Edinburgh

Sluice Art Fair, London

Cure, Transition Gallery, London

On Fun and Friction, SWG3, Glasgow

Foule Parlement, Electro Studios Project Space, East Sussex

Supermarket Art Fair (with Interview Room 11), Stockholm


Wash- watercolour in contemporary art, Resort Gallery, Margate

The Trouble with Painting Today, Pump House Gallery, London

Brian Cheeswright & Ed Hill: Two Painters, Whitechapel Idea Store, London

36 Years of Brain Feed, Interview Room 11, Edinburgh

2/1/4/1 presents: Draw In, St Margaret's House, Edinburgh

Artworks Open, Barbican Arts Group Trust, London

Paint like you mean it, Interview Room 11, Edinburgh

Salonely, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh


Pent Wait, Old Ambulance Depot, Edinburgh

Marmite Painting Prize IV (travelling show, venues throughout UK)


On A Small Scale, Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh


Thresh Hold, SuperClub, Edinburgh

Hodgepodge, Edinburgh Fine Art Library, Edinburgh

White Lines, WhiteSpace, Edinburgh


Please Assume the Crash Position, TotalKunst Gallery, Edinburgh


Tales That Witness Madnes, Elevator Gallery, London

The Shoe Horn, CrimesTown Gallery, London

Drawings with Dolphins, CrimesTown Gallery, London


Hackney Wick(ed):Museum of Revised History, Residence Gallery, London

Pure Painting, Ferreira Projects, London


Marmite Painting Prize IV (Winner)